Delivery policies

Delivery policy

We are committed to delivering your flower orders in a timely manner. The time and date that your order is delivered is affected by the time of day your order is placed, weather conditions, and the distance from St.Petersburg.
We make our deliveries during normal business hours and later hours (8 AM to 8 PM). We usually can deliver within an hourly range for example, between 7 pm and 8 pm. We deliver same day in St Petersburg City at no extra cost.

We will call the recipient first to arrange a delivery time. We can also deliver at the recipients place of work if this is requested.
Delivery charges

We deliver in Saint Petersburg and some of the towns in the surrounding area. The delivery charge in St Petersburg is $0 and for towns outside St Petersburg the charge varies according to which zone the town is in.

Zone 1 : This comprises the towns : Kolpino, Krasnoe Selo, Lomonosov, Metallostroy, Novo devyatkino, Pavlovsk, Pushkin, Sestroetsk, Tikhvin, Viborg.Here our delivery charge is $39.

Zone 2 : This comprises the towns : Gatchina, Kirovsk, Kronshdadt, Petrodvorec, Silantsi, Tosno, Volosovo, Vilhov, Vsevoljsk and Zelenogorsk. Here our delivery charge is $49.

Order status

You may inquire about the status of an existing order by contacting customer service by e-mail [email protected] Please quote your order number in all correspondence.

Delivery policy during holidays

Please try to place your order 3-4 days in advance for the following holidays:

Valentine’s Day

March 8th Womens Day