Ask Edward


Let me help you choose the best bouquet for your beloved!
Flowers carry messages which you may not know.

Things to remember

Do not send even number of flowers. This number is reserved for sad occasions.
Do not send yellow flowers. This colour depicts sadness.

Messages through flowers
“I love you”
Sorry I missed the date
Sorry I missed your birthday
Have a wonderful birthday
Wish you were here

How do I book the order
How do I pay
Is pay pal safe and secure like credit card?
(A: Paypal is perfectly safe and secure. Even so for your convenience I use a system which converts paypal into credit/debit card . So you wouldn’t even know the difference)
Do I need to open an account with pay pal?
(No, as explained above, on your screen you will see credit and debit card signs and not paypal)
When would you deliver he flowers?
(A: The flowers will be delivered on the date that you specify. If you don’t give me a date, my team will deliver the flowers on the same day. Compare my service to Inteflora and others who deliver within 48 hours.)
Will the lowers be fresh?

Why should I choose you?
(A: I am the only florist who is fully bilingual in English and Russian. Therefore I can talk to your friend in Russian and to you in English and be perfectly at home in both the languages. )
Why should I prefer you in Russian speaking countries?
(I am totally bilingual and without a foreign accent in either English or Russian. It is as if I have two mother tongues!)
Can you help me choose my Russian bride?
Not directly but through my anti scamming service I can find out whether your friend is genuine.
I can also recommend some agencies who are reliable and whom I have tried in the past.
Can you help me detect whether I am being scammed?
(When my team member calls on your friend’s residence, and you have opted for our anti scamming service he will take a photograph and also note down other relevant details as well as whether this is a genuine address. We provide this anti scamming service at a nominal extra price. We have been responsible to have happily pointed out scammers to our clients and thus taking special interest in their welfare) I f I get suspicious I will personally call you to warn you.